At last! Let’s talk a little bit about the plans for the garage/carriage house/guest suite. Look for more on the main house next week. So let’s start with the first floor of the garage. Shown here is garage with space for two cars, a driveway with space for a third, stairs up to the apartment above, and then a mechanical space (think water heater and furnace).

garage first floor

Now let’s look at the initial plans for the apartment. SWBR came up with the brilliant idea of a sleeping loft (we had really only been planning on the apartment being a pure studio).

garage second floor version 1

After a few iterations we’ve arrived at what we think will be the final layout, shown below. The dead space behind the stars has been replaced with a coat closet, and the entire layout has been flipped. This allows us some storage by the sleeping loft, and also orients the sleeping loft windows to face Beaver St, as opposed to the master bedroom windows on the house.

garage second floor version 2

Our personal plan for the guest suite is to actually keep our primary tv over there instead of in the house with us, but we’ll see if we have the conviction to stick with that. Both units will certainly accommodate a television. In any event, I am sure many of you will surely be invited to come stay once the house is built.