So I know I’ve been slow rolling everyone. It’s been a long cold winter with very little progress on design. That said, the basement apartment is pretty much set, so let’s take a look. Oh, and just to get it out there, the plan is for the house to be up about a half story, ala a brownstone, to allow for larger windows in the basement apartment and some added privacy for the main house.

basement version 1This first layout is the original plan. It wasn’t bad, but we didn’t feel it utilized the space as efficiently as possible. It was also a studio setup, and we really wanted it to be a one bedroom. Finally, having to stomp through a tenant’s space to get to the whole house’s mechanicals seemed less than ideal as well.

basement version 2After some rejigging, we were able to arrive at what we think will work much better. We even have a view of it in perspective. This version also allows the renters to put in a kitchen island and stools if they wanted the space arranged that way instead of having a table.