Luca with Signs

EDIT: We are 8th on the zoning agenda, which means we go on at 11:30 AM on 10/22. Would love to see you there.

This is it folks! We’re doing this. The agenda(s) aren’t yet posted on the city website, but we’ll be spending the evening of Thursday, October 22nd with the Zoning Board of Appeals and Wednesday, November 4th with the Preservation Board. Anyone reading this is cordially invited to join, whether you support our project or not (not that I have to invite you – it’s public, but I’d love to see a good turn out for what I selfishly/biased-ly consider a really special project in the city). As the week goes on, I’ll post about the variances we’re requesting as well as some images of the house and the final floor plans for the house portion, which I’ve not posted previously.

Also, big thanks for Luca (in the photo), who helped to get the signs up for the forthcoming hearings. Great work team!

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