So I’ve been wanting to do a post for a while about how our design changed from our initial zoning and preservation hearings to the ones taking place this year, but I just haven’t had a chance. Well that all changes here! There were three ‘substantial’ changes to the plans from the initial go around to now. They were, in no particular order: the siting of the carriage house, the roof lines of the entire project, and the front porch.

garage comparison

In the initial plans, we placed the carriage house 5 ft from the rear of the property line (fire codes, if you are interested) and had the third parking space between the house and the carriage house. In the revised plans, we’ve moved the carriage house off the property line by 9 feet, and put the parking space behind the garage. This makes the ‘lost space’ behind the carriage house much more useful while giving us additional green space between the two buildings.

Roof Lines and Front Porch
side by side rendering

There were a trio changes to the roof lines. The angles of all of the roofs were normalized. Then the roof line was brought down slightly on the main house to better meet the windows on the second floor. Finally, the triangular window was better framed and carried over to the carriage house as a unifying design cue. We believe these changes add good visual continuity to the house and more than make up for the slight loss in usable attic space.

We’ve been spooling through front porch designs since the very beginning, but we think the one we’ve settled on here does a better job of mirroring the columned front porches in the neighborhood while still maintaining the modern interpretation we’ve pursued for the house.

Just a reminder that we are on the agenda for 3/2/16 at the Preservation Board, and I should have updates soon after.