I’ve recently heard that some people have tried to use the contact form here, but I haven’t actually received anything. If there’s anything you’d like to contact me about, please don’t hesitate to reach me at denkman (at) gmail dot com.

Also, a gentle reminder that we’ll be at zoning tomorrow at 11:30am. Come out. It will be fun.


So I never did post the actual floor plans for the house. They were a little in flux all summer, so many apologies.

house first floor

We’ve gone with one monolithic room on the first floor with living to the front and kitchen to the rear. Along the south side of the house is an entry mud room (we call it the airlock), and is a feature we’ve wanted desperately since I had one at 15 Atkinson. Past the mudroom is a small ‘foyer,’ a powder room, the stairs up to the rest of the house, and the stairs down to the basement apartment. The design also allows for a future connection between the main house and the basement through a door in the kitchen if we ever wanted to combine them.

house second floor

The second floor reserves the entire west half of the house for a large master suite. The middle of the house is given to the stairs, a laundry room, and a second full bathroom. The front of the house is split into two bedrooms. One, likely the south, will end up as an office. The plans for the other are in flux. As we plan to use the studio above the garage as a guest house, we don’t really need it to be a bedroom, although it seems likely that it will at least start as one.

house attic

Finally we have some attic space to use as flex. For anyone who knows me, I am currently planning on putting in shelves/tables to have toy displays up there.

This layout is surprisingly close to what we have in Colorado right now. It really is a pretty efficient setup that also offers a great deal of flexibility for utilizing the space. One final heads up – I should be posting a rendering of the house later this week (likely to coincide with the coming Rochester Subway post), so keep your eyes peeled.


Luca with Signs

EDIT: We are 8th on the zoning agenda, which means we go on at 11:30 AM on 10/22. Would love to see you there.

This is it folks! We’re doing this. The agenda(s) aren’t yet posted on the city website, but we’ll be spending the evening of Thursday, October 22nd with the Zoning Board of Appeals and Wednesday, November 4th with the Preservation Board. Anyone reading this is cordially invited to join, whether you support our project or not (not that I have to invite you – it’s public, but I’d love to see a good turn out for what I selfishly/biased-ly consider a really special project in the city). As the week goes on, I’ll post about the variances we’re requesting as well as some images of the house and the final floor plans for the house portion, which I’ve not posted previously.

Also, big thanks for Luca (in the photo), who helped to get the signs up for the forthcoming hearings. Great work team!


Site Plan for 37 Eagle Street
Wow – it’s been forever, huh? Well, I promise, it’s not for a lack of working on stuff, it’s just been difficult to share. We are submitting final drawings/images to zoning tomorrow, though, and at that time, I can share a ton of information. To hold you over (assuming there is anyone reading this at all), here’s a copy of the final site plan that is up for review. Hope everyone’s been had a great summer in the meantime.


So I know I’ve been slow rolling everyone. It’s been a long cold winter with very little progress on design. That said, the basement apartment is pretty much set, so let’s take a look. Oh, and just to get it out there, the plan is for the house to be up about a half story, ala a brownstone, to allow for larger windows in the basement apartment and some added privacy for the main house.

basement version 1This first layout is the original plan. It wasn’t bad, but we didn’t feel it utilized the space as efficiently as possible. It was also a studio setup, and we really wanted it to be a one bedroom. Finally, having to stomp through a tenant’s space to get to the whole house’s mechanicals seemed less than ideal as well.

basement version 2After some rejigging, we were able to arrive at what we think will work much better. We even have a view of it in perspective. This version also allows the renters to put in a kitchen island and stools if they wanted the space arranged that way instead of having a table.


At last! Let’s talk a little bit about the plans for the garage/carriage house/guest suite. Look for more on the main house next week. So let’s start with the first floor of the garage. Shown here is garage with space for two cars, a driveway with space for a third, stairs up to the apartment above, and then a mechanical space (think water heater and furnace).

garage first floor

Now let’s look at the initial plans for the apartment. SWBR came up with the brilliant idea of a sleeping loft (we had really only been planning on the apartment being a pure studio).

garage second floor version 1

After a few iterations we’ve arrived at what we think will be the final layout, shown below. The dead space behind the stars has been replaced with a coat closet, and the entire layout has been flipped. This allows us some storage by the sleeping loft, and also orients the sleeping loft windows to face Beaver St, as opposed to the master bedroom windows on the house.

garage second floor version 2

Our personal plan for the guest suite is to actually keep our primary tv over there instead of in the house with us, but we’ll see if we have the conviction to stick with that. Both units will certainly accommodate a television. In any event, I am sure many of you will surely be invited to come stay once the house is built.


So sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post. A ton has happened on this end in the interim with reviewing and revising drawings. Starting in the New Year, I will have a series of posts about the design for the carriage house building, followed by the main house. Thank you to anyone who has hung around long enough to even be reading this. Have a Happy Holiday and a Healthy New Year in the meantime. All the best!

Waiting Pt. 2

Sorry to kill more time, everyone, but it’s slow on this front. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I am going to move to a weekly posting cycle with the hope of having a little less filler and a little more positive information. That said, if something comes up, I’ll try to get it posted as quickly as possible. Thanks everyone!